Content Marketing Insights in 2019

When content marketing was called a few years ago, it meant producing quality content to websites. Today, content marketing includes content types such as blog, infographic and video along with the development of different platforms and the change of user behaviours. Also, the produced content should be published not only on the website but also in the media where the related parties are located.
Growing competition in content marketing will grow even further in 2019. To avoid falling behind in this competition, it is useful to pay attention to the following points. Read More

10 ways to increase Twitter engagement

Twitter has become one of the most critical players in social media marketing today. Although Twitter’s effectiveness, number of users is low compared to other social networks, and the possibility of the company not reaching the desired profit level is discussed, it is not very important for brands and Twitter users. That’s why brands and people who care about social media marketing continue to use Twitter most effectively.

Twitter is considered a microblog site by its use. The sharing of 140 characters and the intensity of the news in the news flow is quite high. In this intensity, it becomes harder for brands to show themselves and interact with their posts. From interaction we mean our arrivals; comments, likes, retweets and links.

I have compiled 10 tips for you to take care of to get more interaction with your Twitter conversations. Read More