How to speed up WordPress with Plugins

WordPress is one of the most preferred and most actively used open-source ready-made website application on the
internet. However, it is important to underline that some WordPress sites, especially WordPress, is gaining a lot of
complaints about slowness from users. An essential factor to consider is your configuration of WordPress; depending on
how you have set up your WordPress it can negatively affect the performance of your website. Websites that perform
on the WordPress infrastructure are generally slow due to database overflow; features such as theme elements, plugins
and plugins on a theme can be the blame for this. Optimizing the CSS, JavaScript, plugins and image files being used by
themes can help reduce and lighten the load on your site considerably. However, to perform these actions, you may
have to interfere with software operation, which may force you to do somethings manually on WordPress. However, if
you are not a programmer, this task can be very tedious and challenging.
You can install plugins that can help boost your WordPress infrastructure that you will be able to notice. I have compiled
a list of plugins that may help you to improve the performance of your WordPress site. Let’s dive in, shall we?

WP-Optimize speeds up your database by cleaning up any unnecessary data that is running on your site. This may
include Written editions, unverified reviews, deletion of spam comments and much more. You can view more
information by viewing the link below.

As mentioned above; WordPress is open source and is coded in PHP, but can be presented to users with HTML-
configured sections on some themes. GZippy plugin is an add-on that allows you to open your web pages more quickly
by compressing 70% – 80% of HTML codes of your websites. The use of the GZippy plugin on your websites is considered
positive, as search engines on the Internet operate based on the initial speed of web pages.
You can see more information with the link below.

Clean Options
On WordPress-based websites, users use many plugins, and they use plugins for many different reasons. Sometimes
when you add a new plugin, SQL tables are added to the database. When removing plugins on your site, it, however,
does not delete the database tables for that add-on. As the more plugins are added, and or removed the more
unnecessary database tables increases in your database. The creation of unnecessary database tables will cause
slowdowns to your WordPress site. You can check your configuration on WordPress with the clean options plugin; this
allows you to detect and delete unused database tables.
You can see more information with the link below.

CSprites For WordPress
This application, which is designed to combine the images used on your website running on the WordPress platform and
make them more stable, it also provides a good user experience by accelerating your site. An example of this is let’s say
we combine 4 pictures to get 1 big picture. Thus we are saving our website from performing 3 queries. Decreasing the
number of queries means that your server will respond more efficiently. Let’s keep in mind that the more queries that
your database is committing, the more your server has to work which therefore can cause your website to slow down. If
you are using large photos on your website, it is highly recommended that you use this plugin.

With this plugin you can compress the CSS, and JavaScript links on your WordPress site.

By using some of these addon’s you are guaranteed to increase your website speed and performance.

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